Welcome to Berlin! Introductory tours by Berlin Partner 2018, Meeting Point: At the historical traffic light at Potsdamer Platz , Samstag, 24. November 2018

Welcome to Berlin! We are glad that you have chosen Berlin! Berlin Partner invites you, your colleagues and your family to take part in a free “Welcome to Berlin Tour” that will extend beyond the city’s typical tourist attractions. The tour particularly emphasizes the aspects of living in the city. Berlin, with its many parks, recreation areas, and tree-lined streets, is one of the world’s greenest cities. In addition, the city offers extensive opportunities for culture and a variety of affordable residential options as well as the space to live one’s dreams to the fullest.
We would like to introduce you to the city and the differing structures of its various districts while supporting you in finding your way around the metropolis. How is life in the different districts? Which parts of Berlin are appealing and interesting places for recreation and culture? Find new friends and enlarge your “Berlin network” with other new Berliners and exchange about your experiences.
Please remember that many people are interested in these tours, but we are only able to provide a limited number of seats. For this reason, please register only if you are certain that you will participate.
The welcome tours are offered in English and are led by a professional expert guide.
In case you want to bring a friend or your partner along, please order 2 tickets. Children are welcome! Meeting point: At the historical traffic light at Potsdamer Platz. Look for the guide holding a sign ”Berlin Partner”.
The next tour will take place on the following day:
Saturday,  13/10/2018 from 2.00 to 5.00 p.m.
With your registration, you agree that your pictures can be taken in context of this event and that the photographs of your person can be published on the internet, in publications or other communication channels of the organizer or cooperation partners without any entitlement to compensation.
With your registration, you further agree that the organizer and its cooperation partners collect, process and use your personal data for the purpose of reasoning, implementation and follow-up of the tour. For the program organization the data is collected by the cooperation partner.

Welcome to Berlin! Introductory tours by Berlin Partner 2018

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