TUTU Techno Berlin! Celebrating Burning Man!, Loftus Hall, Samstag, 30. November 2019

Many of you were at the warm-up event in Black Rock City.
Now for the main event. The non-stop, no-sleep, mad-hatter's weekend blender techno extravaganza.
If you did not go last year, well ... you heard all about it. It's that time of year again! TUTU TECHNO BERLIN. This year's mind-bending mind-fest will be held at the legendary Loftus Hall at the edge of Kreuzberg and Neukölln.
Anything beyond party expenses goes to Platybus & The Band. (Burning Man Camp)
Godspeed, Children of the TuTu. Into the weekend we go.

TUTU Techno Berlin! Celebrating Burning Man!

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