The Soul of Elvis & The Tender Lovin' Care, Deutsche, Freitag, 05. Januar 2018

Seductive eyes, hip movement and a voice to melt away...
The musician and actor Nicolas Young shines in the role of the King of Rock and Roll. Solo with guitar and with his band "The Tender Lovin 'Care'. His dazzling charisma and presence lend each event glamor and star appeal. But he not only looks dazzling, but provides real entertainment in the style of the great Elvis Presley in all its facets: humor, charm, passion. Whether with dramatic ballads or **** rock'n'roll numbers, known as "The Soul Of Elvis" it understands Young to intoxicate his audience and beguile and to create magical moments of intensity.

+++ DJ (Main): TBA
+++ DJ (Lounge): TBA

The Soul of Elvis & The Tender Lovin' Care

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