01. Januar 2018 - 12:00

Sense8 Convention, Deutsche, Montag, 01. Januar 2018

Hey guys!
Since our favourite TV show Sense8 got cancelled , I reached out to the best and most reliable organizer for TV show Conventions in Germany. They are called Entertainment Events, and they are very successfully organizing Cons for shows like Supernatural, Teen Wolf, The 100 and The Vampire Diaries. They also did 2 Cons for The Walking Dead. You can check them out here on FB (you can also add me and scroll through my pics, I already attended 4 of their Cons). Entertainment Events' Cons are like this: it takes place over the weekend, you have the opportunity to take pictures, get autographs and have Meet&Greets with your stars. There are also panels with the stars on stage and them taking about everything they want to and you can ask them questions.

Thing is: they are HUGE fans of Sense8 too! And they actually really consider organizing a Sense8 Con in Germany so we, the Fans, could meet the cast and say our proper goodbyes. BUT: first of all this requires enough interest of many a Con is expensive and is mostly about calculation. No interest/ticket sales = no Cast/no Con.

So please like this and let us know if you'd attend a can only be done with you help

Edit: for you to have an idea about costs:
Usually a normal standard ticket is about 140-160€ for the whole weekend. Entertainment Events also offers Silver, Gold and VIP Tickets. Please take a look here (it's an example from the Supernatural Con) to see what the several ticket Categories include :

Sense8 Convention

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