Pre-Essen Industry "Costume" Mixer, Tacos Essen, Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2019

Welcome to the #1 tabletop industry mixer, which happens every year the night before Essen Spiel! Your hosts Daniel Zayas, Martyn Poole, and newcomer Chris Wulf will be sure to show you all a great time at Tacos Essen! We are charging a small head fee this year to ensure we accommodate as much fun as possible. We are literally closing down a restaurant on a busy night in the city in order to throw this party, which means we need to cover 100 heads. If we sell out we will attempt to make arrangements to increase the seat limit. Thanks, everyone!
One last thing! This is an optional costume party. With Halloween around the corner, don't make Daniel the only one dressed up as a bee this year! Get out there and bring your best costumes for this event... if you want. :D

Pre-Essen Industry "Costume" Mixer

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