Intro to Improv Storytelling 8-Week Course! (Jan 2018), Deutsche, Dienstag, 23. Januar 2018

Hey! We're back with another round of our one-of-a-kind course for beginning improvisors interested in stories :) We're filling up already. First-come, first-served, sign up here:

If you're an open-minded person then this very special course is for you. In a safe space that we'll create together from the very moment we meet, we'll explore the world of improv. We're excited you're here.


Intro to Improvised Storytelling // 8-weeks // Tuesday evenings starting January 23rd until March 13th // 19:30 - 22:00 // Friedrichshain, Berlin (details upon signup) // English fluency (or near) required // No experience necessary // Only 10 spots available // 165€, or early-bird price of 150€ before December 15th // Instructor: Digne Glatzel


You've heard of improv, and even seen a show or two. Great! Now it's time to jump in and play in a safe environment with a few special people as open-minded as you, eager, and willing to get silly and emotional without fear of judgement. It's a fun introduction to improv whether you're an artist, public speaker, storyteller, or none of those fancy things and simply want to be more comfortable around others.

This class will make you a better improvisor and player while reigniting your sense of discovery. We go beyond games (but enjoy our fair share on the way) by diving into emotions and storytelling. We're keeping this course very small because trust, collaboration, and honesty between players is the biggest strength a group of improvisers has. We really believe this. And we want everyone to get loads of time to play and try things out.

Here's what you'll learn:

* looking after fellow players, allowing everyone to improve and enjoy themselves
* using agreement to move forward by saying “yes, and…” to others’ ideas
* C.R.O.W. - the basics of creating Characters that are believable, Relationships in scenes, Objectives to strive for, and a vivid picture of Where we are
* status (high and low) and how to apply it to your scene work
* using emotion to create believable characters
* so, so much more...

We do not emphasize being funny in this course – it's not standup comedy. The humour derives from the moment. In this safe environment we will celebrate failing, empowering you to find your voice. You'll learn to be an improviser.

So, come on! It's time. Join the Scratch family and discover how to play with new ideas, others, and your own imagination.

— To let us know you're interested, sign up here: . You can also email or send us a message here on Facebook. Simply marking this event as "interested" or "going" isn't sufficient. —

In association with Improv Events in English in Berlin, Berlin Improvisers (eng-lang), and Berlin Expat Performers Network.

Intro to Improv Storytelling 8-Week Course! (Jan 2018)

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