Disciplined Agile Delivery with Scott Ambler – Hanover (English) (Oct. 2018), Domero Hotel, Montag, 22. Oktober 2018

Agile transformation is hard because cultural change is hard. It’s not one problem that needs to be solved, but a series of hundreds of decisions affecting lots of people over a long period of time that affects relationships, processes, and even the state of mind of those working within the change. Disciplined Agile (DA) is unlike any other framework because it’s based on empiricism, industry data and adoption of proven practices. The result is a huge wealth of structured information that allows you to map your challenges into a tree structure of proven strategies that other people have found to work in practice. In effect you can apply the DA framework to identify process improvements that reflect the actual situations faced by your teams.
Disciplined Agile (DA) is a process decision framework for delivering sophisticated agile solutions in the enterprise. It builds on the existing proven practices from agile methods such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean software development, Unified Process, Kanban, Agile Modeling and many others to include other aspects necessary for success in the enterprise. DA fills in the gaps left by mainstream methods by providing guidance on how to effectively plan and kickstart complex projects as well as how to apply a full lifecycle approach, with lightweight milestones, effective metrics, and agile governance.
This workshop is not technical and is suitable for all team members. Many group exercises reinforce the principles learned. The workshop is also valuable for management tasked with moving from traditional approaches to agile.

What You'll Learn

Avoid costly agile adoption mistakes by starting with a full delivery lifecycle
Learn how all aspects of software delivery – architecture, design, testing, programming, leadership, quality assurance, data administration – come together in a cohesive whole
Discover how to tailor your agile process to reflect the actual situation you find yourself in
Gain hands-on experience with agile solution delivery techniques


Introduction to Disciplined Agile (DA): Overviews key DA concepts such as the four delivery lifecycles, enterprise awareness, team roles, being agile vs doing agile, the importance of context, and taking a flexible, goal-driven approach.
Agile Foundations: A brief overview of foundational agile and lean concepts such as the Agile Manifesto, the Disciplined Agile Manifesto, Kanban, Lean Software Development, and agile methods including Scrum, Extreme Programming, Agile Modeling, Agile Data, Unified Process, and others.
Forming DA Teams: Describes the roles and responsibilities on DA teams and team structures for small, medium, large, and geographically distributed teams.
Inception Phase: Covers key activities for initiating a DA team, including initial requirements modeling, initial architecture modeling, initial release planning, strategies for your physical and virtual work environments, initial risk identification, and driving to a shared vision with your stakeholders.
Construction Phase: Describes many technical strategies for building consumable increments of your solution, including test-driven development (TDD), acceptance TDD, how to initiate an iteration/sprint, look-ahead modelling and planning, spikes, regular coordination meetings, continuous integration, continuous deployment, whole-team testing, parallel independent testing, information radiators, Kanban boards, burn up charts, and many more.  In this module, we also look at agile construction from a traditional point of view, showing how activities such as architecture, analysis, design, testing, management, and user experience (UX) are addressed all the way through the lifecycle.
Transition Phase: Overviews strategies for releasing the solution to your stakeholders.
Simulation: A two-hour, hands-on simulation of a DA team using Lego.
Advanced topics: We examine critical topics such as strategies for adopting Disciplined Agile, how to govern disciplined agile teams, and how to scale agile at both the tactical and strategic levels.
Summarizing the Workshop: A Retrospective


Basic concepts of agile methods such as Scrum useful but not required
Pre-workshop Prep

Please view the "Being Agile" and "Being Disciplined" sections on the Introduction resource page before the first day of the workshop to ensure all attendees begin with the same knowledge base.


Attendees earn the designation of Disciplined Agilist, with free first-year membership and full benefits, a $50 US value
One free Certified Disciplined Agilist test attempt when written within 30 days of the course end date, a $200 US value
Learn how agile software development works in enterprise-class environments.
Discover how to successfully apply agile throughout the entire lifecycle from beginning to end.
See how all aspects of solution delivery - architecture, testing, programming, governance, analysis, and more - fit together in agile.
Gain the foundational knowledge required to succeed at agile solution delivery.

Length: 3 daysPrice: 2.798,00 € + VAT (EARLY BIRD Discount 300 € until September 22th, 2018)(3.329,62 € incl. VAT)Instructor: Scott W. Ambler (LinkedIn)Language: English
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Disciplined Agile Delivery with Scott Ambler – Hanover (English) (Oct. 2018)

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Der Weißekreuzplatz gehört allen!

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