CV writing and skills gap analysis: A roadmap for your Data & AI job search, Data Science Retreat, Freitag, 21. September 2018

Are you a PhD researcher or Postdoc looking to move to the industry or a startup? Your CV looks too academic? You are not being invited for interview?
To kickstart your career, we offer a CV workshop to achieve the following:

Structuring and writing of your CV to maximize impact with readers in industry
Skills gap analysis for positions in Data Analytics, Data Science or AI
Ready-to-go strategy for moving on the labor market

The maximum number of workshop participants is 10-12. With the workshop you are eligible to join 10,000 Data Scientists for Europe.
Any PhD seeking opportunities in Data Analytics, Data Science or Artificial Intelligence. Typically, you will have a numerate background - e.g. STEM, statistics, econometrics – and some experience with relevant programming languages like SQL, Matlab, Python or R.
CV workshop fee
We offer this workshop for free because we hope you will join the campaign 10,000 Data Scientists for Europe and start your career in Data Analytics, Data Science or AI. However, we are charging a non-refundable registration fee of €50.- for drinks, food, and further promotion. We do this to optimize for the allocation of the 10-12 seats.
Your hosts
Dr. Chris Armbruster is a Max Planck alumnus, and Director at Data Science Retreat, Berlin.
Fahrnaz Jayrannejad is a Machine Learning engineer at the Konrad Zuse Institute obtaining a PhD in Bioinformatics from the FU Berlin.
The workshop concept is based on

>100 re-written CVs, and behind-the-scenes cooperation in getting candidates interviews
Numerous requests to help with CV writing, emerging from the workshop series ‘Science to Data Science’
A trial run of the essential elements with the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy on 04 May 2018 with 70 participants

The process
The process includes instructions on your CV structure, personal feedback on a first draft, skills gap analysis for employment, and personal feedback on a final draft.

Please use this link for instructions on how to provide a draft CV
Your CV draft is due 2 days before the workshop
During the workshop, personalized feedback and skills gap analysis is offered and time made to arrive at a final CV structure
In the week after, your personal CV is finalized for submission to companies and recruiters of your choice

 Schedule for the workshop day
11-12 Ask us anything on the transition from Science to Data Science
12-13 CV structuring, including group exchange
Coffee and tea break
13-14 Skills gap analysis with personal feedback
Late lunch delivered
15-17 CV writing for maximum impact, with personal feedback
Coffee and tea break
17-19 Job search strategies and recommendations
Informal Dinner
The mission of 10,000 Data Scientists for Europe is finding and empowering talent in Data Analytics, Data Science & AI as rapidly as possible. If you are looking for a general introduction to the topic, check out the easy-to-read & mobile-friendly introduction on Medium.

CV writing and skills gap analysis: A roadmap for your Data & AI job search

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