Conference ‘Managing Talent in an Increasingly Freelance Workplace’ , BayKomm: The Bayer Communication Center, Mittwoch, 05. September 2018

Digitalisation is removing or changing the shape of entry-level and development roles for engineering and other technical talent.
Industry has an aging workforce. It has skills and knowledge which must be transferred to the younger generations if these skills are to be retained.
The ‘Gig’ economy is emerging in other sectors and is forecast to extend to the process industry as technology and platforms develop.

How will the process industry attract and develop the technical talent it needs for the future?
How can its current managers motivate this talent to remain in the industry?

This conference will present research findings and opinions from industry, professional organisations, local authorities and from the youngest ‘Connected’ generation. It will consider future workplace scenarios, their risks and opportunities for the process industry. Participants will be encouraged to give their own feedback on the research and opinion presented through online interaction throughout the event.
Join up to 100 participants, mainly practicing industry managers, but also engineering students, industrial and employment policy-makers and representatives of industry associations – industry stakeholders currently building their knowledge base on this imminent workplace challenge.

Conference ‘Managing Talent in an Increasingly Freelance Workplace’

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