Animalesque Academy, Floating University Berlin und ANCB, Montag, 26. August 2019

Berlin, Germany
Monday 26 August – Saturday 14 September 2019 

The Animalesque Visiting School will research and create new forms of architecture that enable animals, insects and humans to co-inhabit cities in a way that benefits all forms of life. Our innovative, multidisciplinary approach will bring together traditional building and making techniques with philosophy, art, music, body movement, biology, politics, nutrition, activism, science fiction, photography, filming and sensorial technology. In particular, we will focus on developing architectural solutions to support birds and the important role that they play in nature’s ecosystem.   We will also build on our work from 2018, which looked insects’ behaviour and habitats, and speculate on the wider relevance of food chains, pollination, soil composition and pollution. This will help us to deepen our exploration into the meaning and expression of nature in urban spaces. We will be based in Berlin’s fascinating ‘Floating University’, at the centre of a former airport that is now a public park and used by both humans and wildlife as a rural retreat.
Our 2019 programme will be based on the Animalesque framework: Animal Sense - Animal Matter - Animal Vision. The Visiting School will be organized as 'Animalesque Academy' and will be divided into three modules which can be taken separately or as a whole. Our base camp in Berlin will be at the Floating University, a former water tank of  Tempelhof, an abandoned airport which now functions as a public park and hideout for humans and
We will continue our collaboration with ANCB Gallery . Since 1980, ANCB has been a physical and intellectual space focused on the inseparable interplay between urban form and social life. In the past 10 years ANCB brings together students, researchers and practitioners from the fields of architecture, urban planning and related
We will also have some very specific expert visits and lectures at the TU Berlin, Chora lab , Soil Institute and Ecology

Animalesque Academy

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